Tuesday Tale: Just A State Of A Mind

This is how the world feels like right now.

And this I how I want to feel.

I want to dance in sun and soak myself in the warmth of light, I want to drink rain and just run away. I want to be part of a crowd and I promise not to cringe when it gets too crammed. I want to run around like a crazy person, smiling and hugging people. When all of this is over, I want to do it all.

By ThePinkLensStories

A believe of the power of expression. From time to time, I would pen down my thoughts on this page on the ever evolving world around me. I would cover things, people and emotions that catch my eye. Sometime with words, sometimes with pictures.

Let's stay connected here and get to know one another's world! It's The Pink Lens Stories, from my perspective.

I would be excited for your feedbacks on my blog!!

9 replies on “Tuesday Tale: Just A State Of A Mind”

I read a positive thought the other day that I know you will like, or I hope so. – David

You are not your feelings. You just experience them. Anger, sadness, hate, depression, fear. This is the rain you walk in. But you don’t become the rain. You know the rain will pass. You walk on. And you remember the soft glow of the sun that will come again. ~Matt Haig

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Absolutely. I was wondering yesterday about how unsure we would still be about going out and meeting people. While our hearts will pine for meetings people, our brain wouldn’t agree. Also.. living indoors for so long will affect our mental health for sure. This worries me.


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