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The struggle is real!

It’s been three months of staying indoors. Apart from working from home, I engaged myself in cooking, blogging, photography, gardening, baking and most recently in painting. Initially I thoroughly enjoyed staying at home, getting up peacefully every morning, connecting with nature, relishing every second of my day and admiring the dusk with gratitude. Even this tribulation had one bright side or so I thought.

A few weeks back, I was telling my husband about how the need for psychiatrists will soar post Covid – I was thinking mostly about the medical practitioners at that time and the amount of psychological burden they have on themselves when in the world we have an overflow of patients, a shortage of hospitals and incessantly working healthcare professionals.

As days have passed, I have come to realise that not just doctors or essential service providers will need help around their mental health, but common people staying at home, working from home, young kids who are studying online with no friends to meet or play with and old people who are scared and won’t go out because of the fear of catching Covid – will all need help.

Off late, I noticed that if a sad thought passes through my mind, it bounces between the walls of my house and doesn’t leave. This energy doesn’t dissipate, it just transfers from my living room to kitchen or to my bedroom. Why is it happenings ? Is it my need to be social ? Or is my mind too tired to live in the box? Am I craving a change of scenery? I am happy home, but for how long?

I have started feeling it within – some blues, a little bit of voidness and have suddenly been drawn to my mental health. I am sure, there are others as well who may be feeling like me – unnecessarily stressed and low.

You are not alone – these are difficult times which will pass. I tell myself the same thing everyday. Breathe to take in all the positivity and hug your loved ones so tightly that negative is crushed. In these unprecedented times, let’s kick the hell out of negativity.

No matter how dark it may seem, a new dawn would break soon.

By ThePinkLensStories

A believe of the power of expression. From time to time, I would pen down my thoughts on this page on the ever evolving world around me. I would cover things, people and emotions that catch my eye. Sometime with words, sometimes with pictures.

Let's stay connected here and get to know one another's world! It's The Pink Lens Stories, from my perspective.

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11 replies on “The struggle is real!”

I have a lot of helpful self help stuff you can use to help you better manage your days. Also a great talk and support group that’s online and free if you are interested. Life can be so complicated sometimes all we can do is our best. Excellent post! I don’t know if you like affirmations but I make a new one every monday for each week and release it with a bit of weekly inspiration. If you do check out my blog page. I also do a weekly discussion this weeks post is share a situation you over came and how you did it so we can promote ideas for others in a similar situation. That one you may enjoy adding your two cents in πŸ˜ƒ ❀ Have a Great Day and Always Keep Your Head Up!

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My husband and I are lucky to have a spacious home with a big yard that’s pleasant to be in, plus the company of two fur babies. And I too enjoyed staying home at first. It felt like a reprieve. But lately I’ve also started feeling restless. I’ve decided now is the time to set some goals that probably wouldn’t be accomplished if I weren’t stuck at home, like deep cleaning the house. The way my house looks, that should keep me busy for a good long time.

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I am lucky to live in the country so my husband and I have been able to get out and walk from the start of the lockdown. Now, with some opening up where I live. I am able to go and ride my horse. The barn has strict restrictions and all the boarders have a time slot when they can come to ride their horses. This means there are not too many people there at one time .Also we have one bathroom for boarders and staff use a different one. The same for the wash stall for our horses. Being able to get to the barn and ride has saved my sanity. Horses live in the present. The do not grieve the past nor worry about the future. Riding is my therapy as the horse’s ability to live in the present rubs off on the rider and that is so therapeutic.

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I find this depressing too. Especially so living in New York City. I found two days reprieve attending the online B&H Optic 2020. I look for all sorts of things to keep me busy so I don’t dwell on haw bad things are.

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