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Photography adventures

My obsession with birds and photography off late has given birth to these pictures.

A not so little…Little egret
Cattle Egret in flight
No sauntering around today….taking a break and thinking.
Laughing dove perched on a cable
Adorable Sparrow chick waiting for mom
Beautiful wire-tailed Swallow showing off its beauty.

Haiku photography poetry

Haiku: Heaven

Sky dropped the diamonds,
Sparkled blue, revived the greens;
How! Heaven dreams.


Baby steps: Photography adventures

Lately, I started my photography adventure with my basic DSLR camera on manual mode. Mind you, I had purchased this camera about five years back with a tonne load of enthusiasm and since then, it was tightly sitting inside my camera bag.

Covid lockdown gave me some time to explore my hobbies and that’s how I embarked on this journey. I had a camera but no clue of its settings and no knowledge around its technicalities. All I knew in this camera was to use Auto mode, I would dread using manual mode and if ever I used it, the picture quality with the poorly used setttings would irate me and within a few minutes I was pushed back to the beloved Auto mode.

Not anymore, I am continually learning different aspects of photography, some technicalities and it excites me more than I ever thought.

I’m happy to share a few photographs here and would love to hear your feedback.

White-throated Kingfisher perched on a dried up tree
Sunset from my balcony
A flock of spice finches (I counted 25) 🙂
Magpie Robin

Hope you liked these. 🙂

Life stories photography


I stayed in Phoenix, Arizona for a couple of months, back in 2015. I was reminded of Arizona by one of the posts today on WordPress and it gushed me with loads of wonderful memories of the beautiful desert.

In my mind, desert was all sandy brown, full of sand dunes and perpetual sand storms. Arizona was a bit of all this and so much more beautiful than a regular desert. I dug out some pictures from my phone and thought of sharing a few here.

Aerial view of AZ
Not so khakhee!! Look at the clouds.
Cacti bedazzle me
I swear..these are real!
I wish I could strap it my car and get it home.
You can’t get enough!!
From one of the lovely evenings there
Beautiful Watson lake. It’s breathtaking and surreal. The structures are to tickle your imagination.
Just an on-the-road shot!
Rain & rainbow
& the Grand Canyon state is incomplete without this!

This posts brings lots of happiness to me and I hope you feel it too. ❤️



Today was a tough day. It was pretty exhausting both physically and mentally. And emotionally tiring to keep yourself cheerful in lockdown, it’s been more than a month since it started.

As the poignance of lockdown was drowing me, I heard loud rustling of trees and howling wind. I stepped outside to behold the blue sky turn sepia. It was picturesque. I continued gazing at the sky as I sat down.

As I sat there, peace seemed to seep into my skin. I let my bones, flesh and soul soak it. This is exactly what I needed. With the wind, my thoughts began to flutter from my one moment to another. My mind was going to happy places.

In spur of the moment, I started scrolling through the photo gallery of my phone. Photographs have a way of transporting us to the feelings we had in the moments they were caprtured. With thousands of photographs in my phone, I chose a few that symbolize a happy moment for me. Here they are…

A reminder of one hell of a happy day
An evening well spent 3 years back and ate the tastiest fish curry and rice of my life.
The intensity of waves and my heart when it reaches the beach is the same.
When early morning walks on the hill were normal and I was always behind him..
About a year back, I woke up to this view.
I’d named her Tintin..and she keeps birthing every other quarter. My mom usually takes care of her family’s needs.
About 4 years back. When you know..
When really want to meet your love after work and you’re hungry too. I used to always find time to meet and surprise him.
About two years back in Delhi. It was a chilly evening and my cheeks were numbed by the cold breeze.

I’ll add some more to it..when I have some more time in hand.