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Living For The Weekend – No More

Until a few weeks back, we all had been living our lives in the way that can be summed up in four words – “living for the weekend”. Giving in to the grind of life from Monday to Friday and pining for the weekend to begin. Before we even knew, Monday was dawning upon us again and we would be part of an unceasing cycle. Unceasing, we thought! (Universe must be laughing at us right now).

Then, somewhere in the world, a magic went horribly wrong and Corona virus hit us. Needless to say, we still have a Monday to Friday routine, we are just oblivion to it most of the days (Universe is laughing again!).

In these times, is it time to look back at how we weighed our priorities? Is it time for us to re-consider the expectations that we call our “dreams”? A good time to contemplate the race we are dying to survive in? Do we want to run that race? Do we want to win that race? What happens when we do win it? Does the race stop? Or do we become part of another elite race and endeavour to sustain it?? There will always be a race – this, then next, then another one. We have evolved and have been programmed to be racing (Crawling, walking, running, huffing, puffing).

If we have to race, let’s run in our self-carved tracks and not in the ones tailored by the world for us, not the ones designed by society and not the ones shaped by corporations. Let’s not run a rat race. A quote by Lily Tomlin fits here perfectly – “the trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you’re still a rat”. Do we want to be a rat? I think not.

If we all run our own races, we will just be competing with ourselves. The feat will be in living, joyfully living our days, not counting them and not surviving them with a hope of a weekend. Not living for the weekend!

By ThePinkLensStories

A believe of the power of expression. From time to time, I would pen down my thoughts on this page on the ever evolving world around me. I would cover things, people and emotions that catch my eye. Sometime with words, sometimes with pictures.

Let's stay connected here and get to know one another's world! It's The Pink Lens Stories, from my perspective.

I would be excited for your feedbacks on my blog!!

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