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Hobby or Not?

We’ve been married for over 3 years now and I’ve always taken pride in how well I’ve known my husband. I always know what he’s gonna say next. His responses come out of his mouth later, theyΒ are first muttered in my head.

In the last two months of lockdown, we’ve been together all the time, mostly. Be it working from the same living room, cooking in the kitchen together, cleaning together, sleeping and many other things that I need not mention here, it’s all been done together. 

Lockdown has affected both of us differently. While financially it has hit both of us, mentally it has affected him more than me. We both have been working from home, so we are definitely strained between household chores and office work. And, we dearly and immensely miss our house help.

I have kept myself engaged with various hobbies like  gardening, photography, blogging and bird watching. And like a super excited kid, I would go around telling him the titchest of my achievements like – spotting a new bird or getting a comment on my blog. I have kept myself excited and him involved in my eensy – weensy doses of happinesses.

Yesterday during a conversation, I asked him about his hobby (I anticipated the answer) and he instantly said “cricket”. He hasn’t played cricket in over a decade but that was his passion. He loved playing cricket as an adolescent boy but had to quit it unwillingly for higher education. He never took up another hobby after that.

The conversation was bizarre to me, somewhat indigestible. We’ve spent a substantial amount of time together, we’ve travelled together, we’ve partied hard, we’ve talked for hours together, we’ve been crazy together but in this togetherness I think he has been living with my hobbies. This irks!

So today I asked him to choose a hobby for the next few days and he couldn’t choose one. I was livid thinking that I was going to this person every other day with a new hobby and he couldn’t think of one for himself. I chose a few for him and he still did not show any interest. 
I bought some plants today and have asked him to take care of those. I know he will, while not whole heartedly but he will. During these difficult times, it’s so important to have a hobby which holds your interest in life other than your work and relations. It’s important for your mind and heart.

Helping him choose a hobby for himself has become a mission for me. At times, adults are too busy being adults – taking care of their lives, the lives of their loved ones and following their goals that hobbies ebb en route.

Happiness is unquestionably not equal to hobbies, but if happiness is distant, will a hobby help, is the question? May be. Or May be not. But with certitude I can tell you, it would be far less stressful.

By ThePinkLensStories

A believe of the power of expression. From time to time, I would pen down my thoughts on this page on the ever evolving world around me. I would cover things, people and emotions that catch my eye. Sometime with words, sometimes with pictures.

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36 replies on “Hobby or Not?”

At first thought, the “hobby” is gardening since you have a “Sampaguita flowers” very nice shot though! πŸ™‚ Yes in these stressful times it’s best you have something like a hobby to keep you off the problems. Keep safe.

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Yours is the rare blog with both outstanding photography and worthwhile topics to explore. I’ve read so many others where one or the other aspect is lacking and they quickly fall to the wayside. I appreciate your sentiment in this post: hobbies are undervalued in societies where we seem hell-bent on squeezing as much productivity as possible out of a given day. The pandemic has forced me – and many others – to step back and appreciate the little things (ex. plants) and consider what truly brings us fulfillment in this life. History will label this pandemic a bump in the road. Here’s hoping to positive long-term repercussions.

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Thank you for your encouraging words πŸ™‚ this pandemic is a reminder of how insanely we waste our precious time and money when we could do better things with it. Enjoying and celebrating little things is so important, why wait for a great success to celebrate..


My fince has a hobby, but I can tell you he will get to it when the time is right. He is the type that likes his hobby, but it has to be when he mind is set and he is ready to jump into it. He might be like mine, when they are ready, they are ready. Thanks for the post.

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Best of luck finding a hobby. My hubs was a committed cricketer. He and I searched for ages for something that we could do together. We tried out loads of different things, which was immense fun. We eventually landed up with windsurfing. Actually, now more an obsession than a hobby!

We retired early and have been travelling together full-time for 5 years now in a caravan. You think we’d be used to togetherness 24/7/365 in a small space, but lockdown has been difficult even for us. We can’t get back to the UK and are stuck in Italy, so for 6 weeks, even though we’re in a deserted ski village in the mountains, we could not even leave the apartment! I guess the stress comes from having all your options removed. Although it is beautiful here, we can’t wait to see something different.

Our hobbies are really important to us. Since we gave up work, it is our hobbies that make us still feel that we are accelerating forward, rather than winding down. We are learning languages, new skills and once we’re back on the road again, we will see different places, experience different cultures – and find different places to windsurf!

There is so much out there. My advice is to try it all and along the way, I hope your husband finds his passion!

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What a wonderful story! Thank you for sharing your beautiful story with me. He has started trying out new things.. πŸ™‚ you are amazing. I hope both you and your husband enjoy many more adventures in life ❀️❀️

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Even I have developed some similar hobbies like you. At first, I was like what would I do but then slowly things started falling into place. I began writing every day and reading blogs. I also have read some books. It was such a great time to calm my mind and become a little more aware of what is going on. Sure it is tough to stay at home all the time, but there are so many things to learn and new ways to rejuvenate the existing relationships.

Best wishes from The Strong Traveller and have a great day.

Do have a look at my blog whenever you find the time. There are some travel and lifestyle content which you may find interesting. Your thoughts will surely be very valuable. Stay connected. πŸ™‚

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We have been married since prehistoric times…38 years…and even we have struggled during this enforced time together. We both enjoy photography so have been out at the pond finding joy in the baby ducklings and dragonflies. You sound like you have a great partnership; each supporting the other at different times.

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It’s surprising how many men don’t have hobbies, out of my final class of 16-18 year old carpentry students only one had a hobby! Oh there was one girl but she didn’t have a hobby either lol. It’s a problem for men when they retire, they say one third of men die in the first year of retirement. They feel useless and rejected – just give up. There again maybe your his hobby? πŸ˜‰ Interesting post πŸ˜€

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If cricket is like baseball how can you get bored? People start connecting and commenting pulling him in. One never knows till he tries! 😁 πŸ’™πŸ»=Chicago Cubs baseball, diehard fan here.

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I read your wonderful post. It is a blessing to have such a caring relationship. Your husband seems to be a good person. A rarity to be cherished.
The way that you take care to ensure that he has a hobby is remarkable. I’m sure the scent of the Jasmine you grow is enchanting.
Its a wonderful post from a blessed family.

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The hobbies and passtimes arer important part of life. Even more important during these dark days. For men, especially men hooked on sports which are now non existent, it has been difficult. Wish hubby all the best.
Take good care of yourself.

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True! Adults usually forget to live their lives. I hope your husbamd will find his hobby soon.aybe you should find him a computer game.πŸ˜‚ So he can play cricket with a joystick.

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